Welcome to the Aido blog series

Welcome to the Aido blog series. Aido is a friendly home robot that’s launching soon on crowdfunding.

To build Aido, our team has had to solve a lot of tough engineering problems. But building a robot is much more than just engineering. Our team had to research how people felt about having robots at home, how to make Aido appear friendly and not creepy, situations Aido would have to deal with at home and more.

We learnt a lot through this journey and wanted to share the most interesting aspects of Aido’s engineering, design, and behavior through this blog.

We will be posting blogs with content about:

  • Vision: We had to start right at the beginning with Aido. Are people ready to have a robotic friend at home? If so, how do they deal with it?     We will write about what we learnt through research and conversations on human-robotic interactions, and the vision behind Aido.
  • Technology: Building Aido meant solving a lot of really hard engineering problems. We will elaborate on some of these, and how we got about making Aido a technological marvel
  • Design: Our team spent a lot of time thinking through how a friendly robot should look like and behave. We will be outlining some of the thinking that guide our physical, interaction and visual design aspects.

Let’s talk Aido!