What can I do with Aido?

Aido has state-of-the-art custom display technology, an interactive projector system, advanced speech recognition, face detection, an incredible personal AI & seamless integration with all your home automation and security needs.


With Aido, you can:


  • Use the interactive projector to project movies, games & other content on a wall. Use gestures to play games or control playback of media.
  • Use voice control to call Aido to you and give it commands. Aido has a set of powerful mics that let it listen to your voice, even in noisy environments, and a ball-based navigation system that allows it to traverse your home
  • Use Aido’s universal remote to control your home appliances like TV, home theatre system, etc.
  • Connect Aido to your smart devices that support Zigbee, Z-Wave or DLNA and control them through Aido.
  • For instance, you can ask Aido to reduce the room temperature, and show you who’s at the door (if you have a smart home camera).
  • Ask Aido to escort guests from the door into your living room
  • Ask Aido to display a recipe over the projector to help you whip up a new dish
  • Get Aido to take pictures of your friends at home and post it to your Facebook page
  • Ask Aido to download playlists from Spotify and play DJ for your parties
  • Read out stories to your kids using its storytelling feature
  • Patrol your home when you’re away and send a notification or photograph if there’s an intruder
  • Get a reading of temperature, pressure, air quality, etc. across your home

For more Info, watch the video here.

What comes in the box?

  • Aido, the friendly home robot
  • Charger
  • Smart appliance kit (optional)
  • Smart ball for pet lovers (optional)
  • Custom skin kit (optional)
  • Charging dock (optional)

What does Aido’s tabletop mode let me do?

We know that there are times when you’d just have Aido on your desk, helping out with chores. Aido comes with a detachable ‘head’ section that can be easily pulled out and placed on a table.

  • The tabletop mode for Aido lets you use most of Aido’s functionality, including:
  • Use voice commands to control Aido
  • Control your TV, home theatre system and more using Aido’s universal remote functionality (note: Aido needs to be in line of sight of the devices)
  • Control your smart devices that support standards like Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, Wi-Fi & DLNA
  • Use the interactive projector for gesture based tasks
  • Use the (optional) HD multimedia projector for enjoying media
  • Use sensors to trigger alerts in case of fire, smoke or excessive noise

Aido’s tabletop mode has a battery life of approximately 8 hours*.

What does the smart charging dock do?

Having to remember to charge devices is such a chore. One of Aido’s cool features is the smart charging dock.

  • When Aido runs low on charge, Aido can automatically detect the charging dock and plug itself in.
  • Aido’s dock has a specially designed set of two charging rings, one of positive polarity and the other negative
  • The charging rings are designed in a semi-circular fashion to increase probability of touching Aido’s charging circuits, no matter how Aido rolls into the dock
  • The charging rings have special circuitry to prevent a short circuit in case it encounters a foreign object
  • Once Aido rolls into the dock, the charging rings are activated and drive charge to Aido.

The charging dock is also designed to make it easy for Aido to plug itself into and out of the dock.

Can I turn Aido off?

You can ask Aido to go to sleep, and he will turn off all functionality barring navigation, haptic sensors and voice recognition. Aido springs back to life when you ask him to wake up or tap him.

What can I use Aido’s smart appliance kit for?

Aido’s smart appliance kit allows you to control appliances that do not have interactive capabilities built in. Aido’s smart appliance kit consists of:

3 smart plugs: Plug your appliance like an A/C or a water heater into the smart plug. Aido let’s you turn them on or off, schedule timings or set triggers.  For example, you can program Aido to turn on the water heater 10 minutes before your alarm goes off in the morning.  If you forget to turn it off, Aido can send a notification on your companion iOS/Android app, and and you can turn off the appliance using the app.

2 smart bulbs: Replace your regular bulbs with the smart bulbs, and control features like light dimming or turning lights on/off using Aido. For example, you can program lights to dim automatically when you turn the TV on or after a certain time of the day or by sensing ambient light.

What is Aido’s smart ball accessory for?

Aido comes with an optional smart ball accessory for pet lovers. You can control the ball using voice commands or through Aido’s companion app on iOS/Android and make it roll around home for your pets to play with.

The smart ball is durable and waterproof so your dog can pick it up in their mouth or drop it his/her water-bowl and it won’t cause any damage.

What can I do with the Aido companion app?

You can set a lot of Aido’s functionality or view alerts of what’s happening at home using the Aido companion app.

  • Aido’s companion app lets you set:
  • Patrol paths for Aido to traverse
  • Turn on/off connected smart devices
  • Get Aido to charge before you’re home
  • Design triggers for which you can receive alerts
  • Schedule events like movie download/playback at particular times
  • Create weekday/weekend routines
  • Create preferences for family members

Aido’s companion app lets you view alerts for:

  • Change in parameters like air quality, noise, etc.
  • Images/video of your home
  • Notifications when someone’s at the door (if connected to a smart door camera)
  • If you do not have a smart camera, Aido can go and peek through a window, take a photo of the visitor and stream it to your phone.