I’m concerned about how much Aido will get to know about me and my home. How does Aido protect my privacy?

Aido only collects data it needs, keeps it encrypted, and doesn’t transmit any personal data back to our servers. All sensitive data like passwords are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that no one can ever gain access to them. Aido may collect some data anonymously for purposes of improving the product. You will have control of how much data Aido shares with us and can turn off sharing if you like.

Can someone watch or listen to me?

Aido robots have cameras and microphones that are used to interact with users and to provide the photography and messaging applications. The only way for a remote user to enable the camera or microphone is through an authenticated Aido app on their mobile. Aido’s user interface makes it very clear to a user when they are engaged in a video or audio chat with others.