How does Aido avoid obstacles along the path?

Aido uses a combination of technologies to detect obstacles:

  • Aido uses IR and object recognition to build a topographic map of your house, including elements like furniture, doors  & structure of rooms. Aido maintains these in a navigation database. He judges the space between obstacles, and if it is sufficient for him to traverse, will plot a path between them.
  • When you ask Aido to move, or if Aido needs to patrol, Aido does a constant frame-by-frame visual comparison for moving objects like pets or people as well as stationary objects. If Aido finds a moving object nearby, he will wait for it to move out of the way before proceeding.
  • Aido has sophisticated edge detection built in that prevents him from spinning uselessly when he encounters an intractable obstacle like a staircase. Edge detection also allows Aido to course correct around obstacles like chairs & tables.