How does Aido know where he is in the house?

Aido uses a combination of technologies to determine his location at home:

  • When Aido is powered up the first time, he fingerprints Wi-Fi signals across the house. He uses Wi-Fi signal strength as the primary marker to identify different rooms.
  • Aido will prompt you with list of Wi-Fi spots he identifies. You can select  the Wi-Fi spots at your home, and guide Aido to the physical locations of the WiFi acess points.
  • Aido also uses IR and object recognition to build a topographic map of your house, including elements like furniture, doors  & structure of rooms. Aido maintains these in a navigation database.
  • Before moving, Aido also does a frame-by-frame evaluation of the room to determine if there are moving objects, or if anything has changed.
  • Aido continually updates the database entries for all recognized and unrecognized obstacles.