How does Aido navigate around home on its own?

Aido does a Wi-Fi scan and builds a database of Wi-Fi signals and strengths (Aido does not store any sensitive data like passwords or what is being communicated. He only uses Wi-Fi signals to build a map of your home) when you first turn him on.

  • You can setup waypoints by taking Aido to various spots at home. For example, you can get Aido to your kitchen and mark a spot as ‘Kitchen’. Aido stores this entry with a Wi-Fi fingerprint, so it can navigate there later if required.
  • When you ask Aido to navigate between rooms, he builds a path between way points.
  • Aido also uses IR and object recognition to build a topographic map of your house, including elements like furniture, doors  & structure of rooms. Aido maintains these in a navigation database. Aido judges the space between obstacles, and if it is sufficient for him to traverse, will plot a path between them.

Note: Aido can’t climb steps. Aido’s inbuilt edge detector warns him if there is a steep change in elevation ahead, and he will stop before he reaches the edge.