How does Aido’s patrol mode work?

ou can set up waypoints or end points at home the first time you get Aido home. For example, by setting up an end point as main door, you can ask Aido to get the door. With a waypoint in the kitchen, you can ask Aido to get to the kitchen. And so on.

  • Once the way points are set, you can set specific patrol paths as Aido’s beat at specific times.
  • Aido also listens keenly to events like glass breaking or explosions and can navigate to the location and send photos and alerts.
  • We also factored in use cases where people may be walking around home, or Aido has to navigate around pets prancing at home. Aido waits for the person or pet to move out of its path.

In case Aido is pushed accidentally, Aido tries self-balancing on its base.