How much of Aido is already done?

We have an amazing team working hard on Aido over the last couple of years. We started work on Aido by breaking up a lot of challenges into smaller components, and figuring out how to best tackle these.

We used a combination of three approaches for building Aido:
Open source: Instead of beginning from ground zero, we scoured open source projects to see what we could adapt for Aido. For example, Aido’s core operating system runs a modified version of Ubuntu.
Licensing: We scoured the research labs of universities and spoke to startups and found that we could license great technology that would work great with what we wanted to do for Aido. For example, Aido’s object recognition runs software licensed from Uncanny Vision. With this, Aido can recognize over 3000 objects
Custom design: We’ve also been hard at work on custom hardware and software design. Our team has designed custom communication interfaces between Android (that runs Aido’s user interface) and Linux).

While all the features in the video may not make it to the scheduled launch, we will be updating Aido’s software on a regular basis. We will also release a rich set of APIs that will help our developer community extend what Aido is capable of.