How rugged is Aido?

Aido is pretty tough and goes through extensive hardware testing. We do ask that you take reasonable care and avoid hard drops, knocking Aido hard, water, and other situations that could damage Aido. Keep Aido away from long exposure to sunlight.

  • Aido’s touchscreen is made of glass, and requires the same caution that you would use with a tablet or phone screen.
  • Aido’s ball base can traverse carpets and flat surfaces. We however, recommend that you keep your floor clean for Aido’s mobility to work well. Aido may have problems navigating spills or water on the floor, so we ask that you keep Aido away from areas like bathrooms, and clear up spills quickly.
  • Aido is a sophisticated electronic device, so we’d expect you to keep Aido safe from water and coffee spills.