What can I do with Aido?

Aido has state-of-the-art custom display technology, an interactive projector system, advanced speech recognition, face detection, an incredible personal AI & seamless integration with all your home automation and security needs.


With Aido, you can:


  • Use the interactive projector to project movies, games & other content on a wall. Use gestures to play games or control playback of media.
  • Use voice control to call Aido to you and give it commands. Aido has a set of powerful mics that let it listen to your voice, even in noisy environments, and a ball-based navigation system that allows it to traverse your home
  • Use Aido’s universal remote to control your home appliances like TV, home theatre system, etc.
  • Connect Aido to your smart devices that support Zigbee, Z-Wave or DLNA and control them through Aido.
  • For instance, you can ask Aido to reduce the room temperature, and show you who’s at the door (if you have a smart home camera).
  • Ask Aido to escort guests from the door into your living room
  • Ask Aido to display a recipe over the projector to help you whip up a new dish
  • Get Aido to take pictures of your friends at home and post it to your Facebook page
  • Ask Aido to download playlists from Spotify and play DJ for your parties
  • Read out stories to your kids using its storytelling feature
  • Patrol your home when you’re away and send a notification or photograph if there’s an intruder
  • Get a reading of temperature, pressure, air quality, etc. across your home

For more Info, watch the video here.