What can I do with the Aido companion app?

You can set a lot of Aido’s functionality or view alerts of what’s happening at home using the Aido companion app.

  • Aido’s companion app lets you set:
  • Patrol paths for Aido to traverse
  • Turn on/off connected smart devices
  • Get Aido to charge before you’re home
  • Design triggers for which you can receive alerts
  • Schedule events like movie download/playback at particular times
  • Create weekday/weekend routines
  • Create preferences for family members

Aido’s companion app lets you view alerts for:

  • Change in parameters like air quality, noise, etc.
  • Images/video of your home
  • Notifications when someone’s at the door (if connected to a smart door camera)
  • If you do not have a smart camera, Aido can go and peek through a window, take a photo of the visitor and stream it to your phone.