What can I use Aido’s smart appliance kit for?

Aido’s smart appliance kit allows you to control appliances that do not have interactive capabilities built in. Aido’s smart appliance kit consists of:

3 smart plugs: Plug your appliance like an A/C or a water heater into the smart plug. Aido let’s you turn them on or off, schedule timings or set triggers.  For example, you can program Aido to turn on the water heater 10 minutes before your alarm goes off in the morning.  If you forget to turn it off, Aido can send a notification on your companion iOS/Android app, and and you can turn off the appliance using the app.

2 smart bulbs: Replace your regular bulbs with the smart bulbs, and control features like light dimming or turning lights on/off using Aido. For example, you can program lights to dim automatically when you turn the TV on or after a certain time of the day or by sensing ambient light.