What entertainment features does Aido have?

A mobile Boombox and home theater system

Aido is also engineered to deliver amazing rich, detailed audio. A 2” woofer, dual tweeters and a 10-watt amplifier generate an incredible spacious sound for all types of sound effects and music.

Integrates with all streaming music sites

Let Aido set the mood with your ‘Honey I’m home and I need to relax’ playlist.

Powerful Video Projector

Never ever miss a football game. Aido can project it onto the nearest wall while you prepare lunch for the family.

Read Aloud Mode

Aido can read ebooks to you while you are engaged in your latest home improvement project. Read bedtime stories to your children when you are away from home on a business trip.

Interactive gaming

Try and match your wits against Aido in an interactive game of chess. Aido can project game boards which you can interact with.