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What is Aido?

Aido is a sophisticated yet affordable home robot. It’s an all in one package that comes with the best of home automation, security, assistance, entertainment and much more.

When is it launching?

Aido is scheduled to be launched in end of 2019. We are heading towards finalizing development, manufacturing and production of Aido.

How to talk to us?

For press inquiries or interview requests please contact:





Why should I get Aido?

Aido is one of it’s kind when it comes to what you can do with it. Here is a short look into some of the things you can do with Aido:

  • Automate your home and control lights, temperature, devices & appliances remotely
  • Get quick answers to questions (Speak your questions aloud, and Aido can scour the web for most appropriate answers. It can read them out or display them using a projector)
  • Your personal assistant keeping you informed about upcoming events and reminding you things just when you tend to forget them.
  • A perfect babysitter and your child’s best friend
  • Your home’s security guard (patrolling and safeguarding features)
  • Your entertainment center with boombox and HD projectors
  • A helpful member of your family whom you can talk to and enjoy interacting and playing with